Are Family Businesses Competitively Positioned for What’s Next?

February 10, 2021 9:30 am - February 10, 2021 10:30 am

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Are Family Businesses Competitively Positioned for What’s Next?

The resilience of all companies has been tested through the pandemic and continues to be as we move into 2021. But where leaders place their attention is more important now than ever to position businesses to outperform, finding opportunity rather than waiting or stalling. Where is your company?

Family businesses are unique in both strengths and challenges, and in a customized survey, WorkInsights gained perspectives from a healthy cross-section of leaders of family-owned companies in the past few months on their readiness to grow.

During this webinar you can access the overall data and key insights in an interactive conversation (not a data dump) to see the trends and patterns, what is working and where attention is needed, and where you can assess shifts that will create position impact for your business.

We will look at how family businesses are positioned for growth, looking to the past or seeing what is possible ahead, how revenues are being supported, whether innovation is happening, or why not, and if people are in a healthy working environment to be productive.

You will also see if leadership strengths are empowering people and have trust in the direction you are setting, what is the greatest challenge family businesses are facing, and what opportunities would provide the highest lift to confidence.

Plus, you will have a look at the mindset of family business leaders and the stress points and potential areas for focus.

We will provide a comparison with data for other companies and open access to our research for you, with more questions being the better.

It is an hour of your time, and well worth the time to assess the outcomes for your family, people, and business.

We look forward to talking with you in the session.

And thank you for your participation – your responses mattered!

Michael DeVenney


Michael DeVenney, CFA, ICD.D, President, WorkInsights, Founder, The Mindset Project

Working with entrepreneurial clients, Michael combines the qualitative and the quantitative, questions and data, to simplify complexity supporting evidence-based decision-making around opportunities and problems, centered on the working environment.

He has been working with entrepreneurs and leaders seeking growth since 2003. Michael’s continued research work enables him to provide current and timely insights into key business growth issues.

In 2015 he founded The Mindset Project to research and develop solutions centered on entrepreneurs, decision making, and overall wellness. More than eight published articles have highlighted the working environment for entrepreneurs and their teams to perform at their best.

Following the development of outcomes from The Mindset Project, he founded WorkInsights in 2017 to develop custom business analytics to understand working environment and the capacity for innovation, growth, and wellness.