Michael LeBlanc is a Manager in Assurance – Independent Business group at Grant Thornton LLP. His role includes business advisory, compliance and financial reporting for privately held businesses.

Michael has been a part of the Grant Thornton team for 7 years now and has been a strong contributor to the success and fast passed environment. He works diligently on managing and consulting private business in the Atlantic region. He provides clients with advice and guidance on complex accounting and tax issues, reviewing/preparing year end work (including review/preparation of financial statements, tax returns and other compliance factors), business coaching and Cloud Accounting. Over the past 12-16 months Michael has taken a lot of time to research and understand the Cloud accounting world. Through this he has taken numerous businesses from excel or desktop accounting software onto the cloud and worked directly with these clients. He has been able to help grow these businesses by increasing the client’s knowledge about financial items as well as making the bookkeeping and back end of the business much easier. Michael has had the opportunity to work with the varying industries in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta with a strong emphasis on Tech, Professional services, Retail, Restaurant/Breweries, Construction & Real Estate, Manufacturing and Development and Oil & Gas. As a Manager, Michael and his team works directly with the business owners and their employees to help provide valuable advice, growth strategies, technical training and tax planning in addition to a number of other services.

Michael engages with his community through participating with Junior Achievement. He visits various elementary, junior and senior high schools to teach sessions on different subjects revolving businesses and technology and evaluates student’s self-run businesses for awards and bursaries.

Michael LeBlanc

FBA Treasurer

Grant Thornton LLP