Margie’s passion is people in organizations. A Consultant, facilitator, coach, mediator, and researcher—Margie uses her keen perception, deep listening and ability to guide process to help people and organizations amaze themselves. An expert in facilitating and guiding change, Margie helps guide individuals, teams and entire organizations to identify and implement the steps required to complete their transitions successfully.Raised in an entrepreneurial family and trained in human and organizational development, Margie brings a seasoned, pragmatic approach to her work. Her style emphasizes collaboration, high engagement, and skills transfer. This approach invites people to have difficult conversations and gain new perspective while navigating the challenges of development and often conflicting demands of business and human relations.Margie’s tailored approaches free up tremendous energy that allows people to work together in effective and efficient ways, maximizing their potential to achieve their goals, individually and collectively.

Margie’s PhD in Human and Organizational Systems focused on her primary areas of practice: change in complex systems, family business dynamics, and leadership. Prior to Watermark, Margie held senior HR positions in financial services and health care and provided consultative services in private and public organizations across most sectors. She is a seasoned facilitator, certified coach and trained mediator. Margie has worked in Canada, the U.S.A., Europe, Latin America, and Asia. She has taught at the university level.

In 2000, Margie established Watermark, a firm dedicated to inspiring innovative and transformative work places through education and tailored approaches to organizational change and leadership development.

Dr. Margie Humphreys

Peter Wilson Dinner Chair

Watermark Partners